Clay roof tiles (korec)

It protects us and gives us safety. Under this roof, you get the feeling of cosiness and acceptance. It has a typical terracotta colour and soft wavy shape. It consists of clay roof tiles made from purest clay and burnt at the highest temperatures. The roof from clay roof tiles is the result of thousand of years of adaptation to the demands of the Mediterranean and partly continental roofs. It nicely covers elite business and residential buildings. It is suitable for new building, renovations and rehabilitations of cultural-historical buildings. By choosing coloured clay roof tiles, we add the charm of the most beautiful villas to the roof, blending it with the environment. The 33-year long guaranty proves that the roof from clay roof tiles is not only beautiful but also of good quality.

Clay roof tiles (korec)

Coloured clay roof tiles

Roof tiles

Additional brick elements

Fixing elements

Blocking elements


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