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Metal eaves comb

Metal eaves comb is an element that is attached to the eave of the roof structure or behind roof windows, chimneys or solar collectors. It is used on both concrete and wooden roof structures, i.e. as a protection or safety element against different types of rodents, birds and insects.
The roof coverings are often a home, and also an excellent protection space for the nests of birds and other insects, which consequently attracts bigger rodents and predators, which feed on them. During their feeding time, they sometimes get so active that they move the roof covering, which leads to leakage of rainwater directly into the construction. During the fall-winter time, roof structures often provide a shelter for animals which make nests in the roof insulation and with it significantly damage the vapour-permeable foil and thermal insulation underneath it. In order to avoid this problem, a metal eaves comb represents a simple solution.

Its function is not only to protect against animals entering the roof covering, but it also serves as a guard against the lifting of the first roof tiles directly on the eaves. The profiled form adjusted to the Alpe Jadran roof tile enables that roof tiles to be installed or placed in the correct position, while its sponge form prevents its lifting in case of wind or bora.


  • Permanent function.
  • Does not bend → the animals cannot bend it, when they want to crawl under the roof covering.
  • Prevents the pests of destroying vapour-permeable foil and thermal insulation.
  • Protection of the first roof tiles against lifting because of the wind.
  • Made in a way that it is not necessary to lift the first eave slat.
  • Exact distribution of clay roof tiles by width.

NameWeight (kg)Pack./ Piece per pallet
Weight (kg)
Pack./ Piece per pallet
Weight (kg)
Pack./ Piece per pallet

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