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Processed pure clay

Raw clay is regularly used in the building sector in the construction of road infrastructure, on depots of municipal waste, protection of water sources and more.

Clay and its properties?
The characteristics of clay are very different depending on individual types and vary from high plasticity (and consequently impermeability) to low plasticity clay. Depending on the specific purpose of application, the clay mixtures are adjusted to the requirements of the customer. You can choose between raw or pure processed clay (vacuum-shaped clay of appropriate humidity) for easier installation.

Usage possibilities: 
  • To protect the foundations of buildings against penetration of water from the surroundings. 
  • For tightening drinking water tanks. 
  • Dams for the protection of water sources (protection against penetration of polluted rainwater).
  • Sealing plugs for horizontal holes during the construction of tunnels.
  • Preparation and sealing of impermeable dams on depots of municipal waste. 
  • Preparation of impermeable layers on depots of municipal waste. 
  • Sealing and building of water tanks for irrigation, ponds, livestock feeding... 

Conducted analyses:
The Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute conducted an analysis for certain clay mixtures, but each inquiry shall be treated individually with regard to the purpose and use of clay. In cases where a certificate is required, it can be issued on the basis of an analysis of specific clay (batch) according to customer requirements.

Pure processed clay is a vacuum-shaped and of appropriate humidity for easier installation. It is used to seal drinking water tanks, produce sealing plugs for horizontal holes in the construction of tunnels...


Processed pure clay


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